Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A fistful of crunchies

That seems to be a huge focus for Curtis. Though to be fair, most of our other cats were very interested in crunchies too. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's the novelty of the crunch. After all, in a more natural cat life where they only eat what they catch, there would be very little going crunch in their lives.

The current kind of crunchies look like this, followed by the wet food we buy. It's not all duck and green pea, there are other flavors too. I just wish I knew how much cats really tasted.



Here he is, trying to convince me he is weak from hunger, barely able to keep fur from bone. Uhuh. Pardon my skepticism.

Celina seems to be more interested in the wet food, and often chows down on Curtis's, as he wait's for the crunchies. We're trying to teach them the bowls have to be empty to get more. We fear the vet eye, telling us we feed our cats too much, and we have to cut back. That's fine for *HIM* to say, he isn't the one that has to listen to the 3 am cat chorus.

What do you feed your cats? Is one of them more of a pig about it than the other(s)? Do you have to split them up for feeding?

Human crunchies are of course in good supply. There is a cookie jar that Linda keeps full. She was much taken by my stricken look as I opened the jar once, when I thought there were cookies, and there weren't. Of course, one of my main rules is that cookies consumed post workout are recovery cookies, and the calories don't really count. Both cats are interested in cookies. It can be very difficult to defend milk and cookies from cat investigations, while reading whatever it is on the go at the moment.

I used to do lots of cookie baking, with an especially well thought of mint chocolate chip cookie, but since we switched to whole wheat flour, I haven't quite got the knack back yet.

There was a bit of a core workout last night. Still getting back into it, with yoga tonight. My lungs and throat are feeling pretty good, so I think I'll try for the pool tomorrow and see how that goes. Let's hope the resolutionista crowd has thinned out.

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  1. You should try barley flour for cookie baking. It's a whole grain flour, but it doesn't make the texture heavy like whole wheat does. There's still a difference from refined flour, or course, but I find it much more tolerable.


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