Saturday, January 12, 2013

First real Saturday of the year

Last Saturday was a washout. Today was nice. A bit of a sleep in. The morning papers. French Press coffee, which I'm really liking. It's a bit fussier than the drip, but tastes much better. The overnight snowplow driver left a big row across the bottom of the driveway. That was my only real exercise of the day, shoveling that. Rock hard on the surface. Good thing I have only a single driveway.

I ripped through Turing's Cathedral, and skipped whole chunks of it because it was so dry. It sounded so good but I'm disappointed. Not recommended. Next up is Walls.

We are only a little behind the times here, so our first movie outing of the year was to see Skyfall. Back in the day I loved going to the new Bond movie. Then they got dreadful for a long time. Along the way somewhere I discovered that my brain had stopped making some memories. We were with friends talking about renting a video (back when there were videos), and I wanted to get the one where he slides down a mountain side in a violin case. That's when I found out I'd seen it in the theatre with those very friends. I didn't believe them. Later I rented it myself, hoping for a 'oh now I remember' moment but no. It was entirely new to me, and my friends swore I'd seen it with them. Another side effect of working shift work. It's an uncomfortable feeling to know you don't remember some things.

We all enjoyed Skyfall, a bit to my surprise. I hadn't expected to, though I'm not sure why. I think Craig makes a fine Bond, one of the best, though the bar isn't that high to avoid being the worst. After we went out to dinner and chatted. We don't go to many movies in the theatre anymore, mainly because it's expensive, there are too many commercials before hand, and often they are too loud. Linda paid, I snoozed through the commercials, and the volume was just right. Plus the seats were more comfortable than I remembered.

Trying to build up the nerve for a shopping trip to Sport Chek. Maybe tomorrow.
Trying to get back into the fitness routine. Maybe tomorrow.
The Christmas tree has to come down. For sure tomorrow.

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  1. We liked "Skyfall" too. First Bond movie I've liked in some time. Gonna miss Dame Dench in future installments but Ralph Fiennes (sp?) is a favourite too. Our tree just came down on Thursday. We'd put it up kind of late so I would have been happy to leave it longer but Husband said it was time. Oh, well. Hope you have a great rest of your weekend.


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