Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Will I? Or won't I?

The work day went by in a flash today. That's what you get when you have your head buried in xl and Access, playing with data. Turns out a source xl I had been given had been corrupted, so I have to redo a bunch of stuff. And on the second round we've been finding other issues, so maybe it's all just as well.

I was thinking of getting on my bike this evening for another good workout. My legs sort of want to do it, but my lungs are having no part of it. You know that feeling like there is something on your windpipe and it vibrates when you start breathing hard, which tickles, and then you start coughing and things go down hill from there? That's what I'm getting. So I'm thinking about heading down for a good core and stretching session, after supper settles a bit more. Will I or won't I?

The 28 words are coming along. I'm up to 6 now! I am looking for 28 English words. Never mind why, for just now, it's a surprise. Please them in comments, or email, or twitter, or by passenger pigeon if you like, though that might get the cats really excited.

There was this imaginary conversation I was having with myself in the shower the other day. It started from a conversation at work about what I eat for lunch and why it smells so good. The main reason is that Linda is a good cook. The other is that we are trying to be more careful about the food we are buying. Gradually more and more is from the farmer's markets, and is organic.

Their comment was about cost, as in too expensive. I didn't say much to them, though I was thinking it.  If they're working for Penn West, they are almost certainly well paid by Canadian standards, and could be very well paid. The supply of dollars is not likely the problem. It could be they have a large family and only one income, and fair enough.

But I was thinking what could possibly be more important than the quality of food you're eating and feeding to your family? It is a cornerstone of your health and quality of life. Yes you can spend less. But what is a case of e coli, or listeriosis, or salmonella poisoning worth to you, or even the chance of getting it? People can die from bad food, or suffer irreparable organ disease.

And then this song popped into my head. With apologies to Sting.
Every cut of meat
Every veg you reap
Every fruit you eat
Every meal you heat
Sickness lurks for you

Every single day
Every leaf you flay
Every animal you slay
Every snack on way
Sickness lurks for you

Can't you see
Sickness waits for you
On a plate of food with every bite that you eat

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  1. No time to write more but I agree with you 100% Good, healthy food is worth paying more for.

    And here's a word for you: Conflagration.


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