Friday, January 25, 2013

A big fun day!

Even though I could have slept in, by 5:30 I was down in the basement on my bike. Before coffee even. I realize that seems very strange to some of you, but it's true. On the bike for an hour, mostly trying for a smooth spin. Then coffee and breakfast.

I was out of the office by lunchtime. Linda picked me up and we went over to Calgary Farmer's Market. I've been having a yearning for Big D's smokehouse food for a while, and finally got there. They have a pulled pork poutine-like creation on special this weekend, and it's worth the trip. Get a spoon for the gravy.

There I was shoveling it down, and my buddy Neil drops in the chair across the table! I haven't seen him since his show at Village brewery, and we had a nice chat. Photography, office furniture, race plans, what we've been up to. Nice to see people you know when you don't expect them.

Then, as expected, I was captured by Yum Bakery. This time I had one of their Nanimo bars. It was totally orgasmic chocolate awesomeness. Often such bars are more sweet that chocolaty, but not this one. Possibly the best Nanimo bar I've ever had.

We were in Indigo for a while on the way home. It was nice to browse, and I saw a couple books I might like to read but didn't buy. I've got several on the go now that I need to get finished; the health care one, and one about walls. I wish that last one had maps; it would be so much easier to follow. After visiting the nice independent stores for books, I'm not really in the mood for Indigo anymore. Part of the problem, though, is that without the Indigo selling juggernaut the smaller bookstores probably can't stay in business either.

In the evening I was back out again for a surprise last minute blogger meet up. Look who!


Tiff and Leana. We had a wonderful time. So nice to meet the people you blog or twitter or Facebook with. Tiff and Corey are passing through Calgary on a quest.

In other news I'm up to 13 words, so I'm almost half way there. You have 6 more days to give me a word or two. There have been some wonderful words suggested so far. Trust me, you'll like it.

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  1. That was a lot of fun! Spontaneous gatherings are always the best. I will let you guys know when I'm in the area next!


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