Thursday, January 10, 2013


Stoic has been the word of the day.

It's been snowing the last 24 hours or so. At times it's been really heavy, some of them commute times. This is life in Canada. I am stoic about it.

In much the same way I am stoic about the cat complaints. You know the ones. Never gets fed. Never gets petted, or any human attention. Totally unloved. Might as well let me out to hunt for my own mouse to eat. No matter it's -10 C and nearly a foot of snow. Do you feel guilty yet?

Then there are xl spreadsheets, and various complicated data transformations. Some days they are fun. Some days they are not. I was very stoic about digging a piece of ID data out of a text description field, then fixing the format so I could reliably compare it to another database. Then looking at another database to get a data field I needed. And then another database to figure out which LSD is related to another LSD and which of them I needed. Then sort out the spurious duplicates it produced. Under time pressure.

Now I'm beginning to feel flabby and unfit from being sick for a while. I don't think it's terribly productive to work out when sick, but then I also believe one has to eat to have the nutrients to fight off disease. I am afraid to get on the scale, but at least my pants still fit. Yet another opportunity to be stoic.


  1. XL spreadsheets!!!

    Gettin' kinda flabby here too :P

    1. I had a really bad moment today. My colleague calls me up and says some of the numbers aren't matching across columns. Considering I did it via a concatenation, converted it to text, saved it, and sent it to her, I was dubious. Turned out she had moved some columns and resorted what was by then the left half of the xl. Whew!

      And I even figured out something that would have saved me about 2 hours yesterday. Except it took about two hours to figure out, and I'm still not 100% convinced it works the way I think it does.


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