Monday, January 7, 2013

Lets not get carried away here

I was feeling pretty good yesterday, then slowly started fading in the late afternoon. There had been (premature, as it turned out) dreams of getting back in the pool this morning. I was able to get to work feeling not bad, and did reasonably well until the slow fade happened again.

Five for five on my tweets being read on CBC. Not that I'm counting. I think my acerbic humour amuses Doug and Jenny, and I say things he would like to say. If I were to happen to meet up with the big time radio star when he wasn't working, I think I'd have to buy him a coffee.

Our tree is still up. We were in no mood on the weekend, and now, if there was a gun to our heads, we could cope. But other things need to happen. Like food. Lamb kind of food. I'm going to need an armed guard on the fridge at work again. Plus I'm still going to bed early tonight.

I did a bit of stretching here tonight. Very gently, since I'm still kind of full of Tres Marias burritos (ROLL those r's). They are so yummy and filling. My shoulders, chest, and core are still kind of cranky about the spasmodic workout on the weekend, but I need to be able to move during yoga. I'm sure my massage therapist will also be happy about things NOT going crickle crack any more than usual.

My desk is much more comfortable now that I got that little heater. The whole room is quite a bit warmer now, which is nice. I guess this means I can spend more time writing, huh? Just not tonight. Lots of people stay sick longer than they need to by not fully recovering. Not me.

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