Thursday, January 3, 2013

I got that look again

Once upon a long time ago we had a friend over who was going to teach us how to make this super-awesome triple chocolate mousse cake. I had had a  tiny slice of it once and it totally filled my mouth and brain and whole body with chocolaty goodness.

So there we were, going through the recipe making a shopping list. The big thing was chocolate, about a kilo of it. But there was a hitch.

'Where's your food processor?' she asked. We shook our heads.

'That's ok, we can use a mixer. It just takes a bit longer and changes the texture slightly, but not in a bad way.' Linda dug in a drawer and produced our hand cranked egg beater mixer.

The look on her face was priceless. It said "I am among the technological heathens' clear as day. So the first thing on our shopping list was a food processor. Which turned out in the end to be very useful for making cat food, when one of our guys developed Feline Urological Syndrome, and had to be on a special diet, which we made.

Today, I was chatting with my boss debriefing after a meeting that went very well for us. We got to chatting about our vacations, and what we got for Christmas, and she was telling me about her new tech toys. I told her how we were stuck with DVD's at the moment.

Her face brightened, and she was telling me about the little Apple TV box and all I needed was to get one of those.

I asked how it transmitted from the box to the TV. She said 'an HDMI cable, of course.'

Which, I said, my TV doesn't have an input for. That's when I got that look again. Just briefly, and then I explained how our plasma had just passed 10 years in service (we really ought to have a little party for it) and HDMI hadn't been invented when we bought it, and we find it almost impossible to replace something that is still working.  She agreed on that, and then she felt sorry for me.

Still, shopping for a new system is on my list of things to do for this year. It will be interesting compare the various technologies out there, and figure out what will meet our somewhat peculiar needs. Like being willing to go to some lengths to avoid getting a cable subscription. Plus, the TV can be no wider than 1.22 m unless I want to go moving some speakers. Even so, it can't be any wider than 1.9 m, because that's all the space there is on that wall. Unless I want to build a home theatre downstairs, and that would cut into my training space.

No icky grossness yet on the sickness front, but I'm feeling much better. Perky, almost. Not stupid enough to go for a run, though, nice as it is outside.

Every now and then I update my Facebook cover page with a Snapseed image. Not everybody can see these, so here's a few of the recent ones that I quite like. Plus a couple that haven't made it yet.

This one was just as we were back to the car after our snowshoeing adventure. I am interested in speculation about what this is. (Hint, remember what I said about an alien conspiracy?)

This was taken during one of my field trips to Richmound. A small well site, pretty close to the middle of nowhere.

This is the oldest of the shots, taken during a trip to Victoria. We were hiking along a beach and found this great place to sit and watch the water. That isn't the coat, I really am pudgy in this one.

This was the view of the harbor from our house during one Bermudan sunset. Tweaked slightly, but I wasn't trying to make it look like a painting, I was trying to make it look like a good photo.

This is Hirtle's beach. Sigh. I loved it, and want to go back. The bright spot is the reflection off a big house, not the sun.

So if I've goofed, and posted some of these here before, so you had to look at it twice, or you didn't like it on Facebook and didn't want to see it again, I'm sorry. Life is hard all over. You'll just have to suck it up. You can email a complaint to

In other news, the cat diet is going semi-well. By that I mean that we haven't been eaten yet, but we have been getting many complaints.

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