Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Slowly, but surely

I am collecting words. Thanks to all who have contributed so far. It is a wonderful collection I'm very happy with. It's not too late for you to join in. I am looking for 28 English words. Please and thank you.

In other news, I did not go down and core last night. I was full, and it was like my supper was not digesting. It just sat there. Mostly so did I.

Tonight tree was my best thing. I used to hate this pose. I can't imagine why now. I didn't want to stop because I was so relaxed into it. The ankle and calf muscles that normally go crazy trying to keep me upright were calm because I was centered on top of my foot. It was so nice.

Things went downhill after that, and my right hip flexor started getting a bit cranky. It didn't like intense forward stretch, which is a bit weird. It isn't stretching, the hamstrings are, but they didn't complain.

It's taken years, but I'm really enjoying yoga class these days. My flexibility and stability is gradually getting better. Some poses used to be a real struggle, and have become easier. I'm more aware of the sided issue, where one side is more flexible or stronger than the other. We did one tonight, a seated pose. The legs are splayed sideways, with one foot tucked into the groin, and the other foot under the butt. With my legs off to the right, I can only stay upright with the support of my hands. With the legs off to the left, I'm sitting up centered and relaxed.

However I can hear some of you asking, "Yes, but has it made you a faster swimmer, biker, runner?" I don't think so. Maybe helped with recovery, maybe helped avoid injury, but faster? Probably not. I need to work on those things too.


  1. My doctor recently gave me a study about how core strength improves speed across a broad range of abilities. She was at some conference where the keynote speaker was a trainer for Olympic runners and he said that even at the elite level, speed could be improved with additional core work. So while I agree that yoga probably makes more of a difference in staying away from injury and keeping flexibility as you age, it might also be helping your speed. Just a thought.


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