Saturday, January 5, 2013

Weird visio dreams but no ickyness

Today has been a very strange day. I have seldom felt this exhausted even after big workouts. Walking around the house is a serious effort. Getting up from a chair takes planning.

I was in bed last night early after doing some software testing, and slept till about 10. Then I got up to briefly look at stuff, then cuddled up in the media room where I have a nest. I know I was sound asleep at 5 or so because I didn't hear Linda feeding the cats. I was fading in and out of dreams.

Then I dozed some more, and got cold. I was shivering hard enough to hurt my breathing. Linda helped get me all tucked in the front chair in the sun, one big quilt around my body, and another over my head. Then she went off to do some errands.

It was like I was watching myself, dozing off, yet awake enough to count intervals between bouts of shivering. There was gradually more time between them, and they were less severe as I warmed up. There was a big 3-D Visio diagram of the steps to count the shivers, and gradually open up the blankets a bit. I didn't want to go right from shivering cold to soaking wet with sweat. The strangest thing was seeing the cold draining out of my body from head down. I had taken off the head scarf, and opened up around my chest, but my feet were still cramping from cold. At one point I had untucked a bit too much and could clearly see that. I could see how to change my position and tuck in again for the best result.

At the same time I was looking at the political situations in Washington and Ottawa through the same sort of lenses. Seeing the obstructionists in power refusing to make any deal on ideological principals, and meanwhile messing everything up for everyone else. I could see some of the complexity of the situations as they affect various parts of each others, and following projections of what certain actions might lead to.

These TeaTard idiots have no idea of the complexity of the world economy. All they see is that it's bad to raise taxes. Or talk about gun control. Or extend health rights to women because it's inconvenient to conduct the vote. They are acting like 2 year old children only only know they want what they want, and right now.

They don't even see that by responding to the nut cases in their own party to make their positions the new normal, they have been making themselves increasingly unelectable. It's political science 101 that you have to get elected to attempt to carry out your agenda. From a small partisan front, these people are just screaming NO at the top of their lungs, hoping the rest of us will give in. That's an attractive package for some people, but most of us have better sense. Tell me again why any woman would vote for the current crop of Republicans?

My Visio diagram was amazing in a hazy way. It extended out beyond the house, the neighborhood, and seemed to go and go, getting more complex. I was drifting along, following various paths. In many ways the current world situation is untenable. Letting corporations run the world to internally maximize profit, and externally socialize everything else, and letting the wealthy gather an ever larger size of the pie simply isn't going to work.

There have been a number of inchoate movements, Occupy, the Idle No More, and no doubt others. One of these days, I think fairly soon, one of them is going to catch fire. Remember how nobody knew they wanted an iPod or iPhone, until they did? Somebody, somewhere will articulate the message, and the actions, and it will resonate around the world. Some things will get broken, but it needs to happen. The rich and the corporations won't know what hit them.

Maybe, just maybe, this flu isn't a normal flu. The 1918/19 Spanish Flu changed the world. More people died of the flu than on the battlefields. The Black Plague killed nearly a third of Europeans, and cleared the way for the Reformation. Maybe this one is the big one that public health people have been worrying about. My Visio model had incredible changes coming.

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