Monday, January 14, 2013

On the bike again

Just a quickie. Only 45 minutes, mostly easy spin, just to see what my legs and lungs would think. No big complaints, but neither was there a lot of enthusiasm for carrying on. I hadn't really prepared for a long ride anyways.

I've been just on the verge of declaring the cold over with. It's just hanging on long enough for me to have a bit of a cough, and a bit of guck in my throat. I haven't been to the pool since about Christmas, mainly because I didn't want to be cold, but if people take that as consideration for other people and not spreading germs, I'll take that too. I was listening to someone on CBC describing the Norovirus, and I can certainly do without that, thank you very much.

There was a bit of stretching and rolling on the T ball. There is still some tightness in my right hip.

Celina dived into my pack on the weekend to haul out the mittens I'd been wearing. One was in the kitchen, with the inside fluffy bits slightly pulled away from the leather and fur outside bit. I had to hunt for the other one. It was downstairs, thoroughly molested. The fur around the cuff was still damp with cat spit. The inner fluffy was almost totally apart from the leather outside.

Tonight I'd bought some new work shirts. Since she could get into my pack she was starting to dig at the new shirts. They don't even smell like me, so I don't get that. The bike gear I'd been wearing, and left near the washer? I had to put them in the washer. She was all over them.

It's been snowing the last little while, and today it warmed up to above freezing. The roads were turning into a sloppy enchilada, and tomorrow will be worse.

Reading about the evolution of Canada's health care system. You may reliably expect a rant on that topic soon.

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  1. Cats are freaks and will do whatever amuses them despite it not making sense to we two legged animals. LOL. Which is why we love them so much.

    I had Norwalk virus...twice. When they say it hits you violently, they are not kidding. I heard the description of Norovirus on CBC too and shuddered as the memory of Norwalk came flooding back...


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