Sunday, January 20, 2013

Maybe I'm not cured after all

Best book club meeting ever! We've been part of BJ's book club for more than 13 years now. That's as far back as my email on this computer goes, and I don't feel the need to dig into archives that I think exist. This isn't your artsy fartsy literary book club, with in depth dissections of character motivation and writing points. Those things are all fine in their place, and that place is typically not in our book club.

For starters, we usually meet in a pub on Sunday mornings. Occasionally we meet at someone's house, which has been fun. For a while LK was house surfing, baby sitting various homes while the owners were away on extended trips. There was the ritzy place in Elbow Valley I liked, and the one in Inglewood was really cool, and the one a few blocks from Lazy Loaf and Kettle really seemed to suit her. But now she has settled down into a place of her own.

BJ moves a lot. I'm not sure why. We were discussing this at one point, and I can clearly remember 5 previous places that I've been to, and we all know my memory is suspect. There are probably more. She's moving again next week. GS interviewed Bernard and was accepted as chief of staff. He lives in a nice house that Bernard has thoroughly taken over. And of course, our place, we've had a number of meetings here, but it's a bit of a drive for most people now. Technically, most of the book club people live in the SW, but in Calgary that covers an awful lot of ground with a reservoir in between major bits.

There are times the book club doesn't even talk about the book, even if we've all read it. We are all wrapped up in other conversation, like today. Lots of people showed up today. Tempted by Linda's cooking, no doubt. GS was a bit colorful about not having it in his calendar for some reason. Lots and lots of lively conversation. Our house sitter Darlene was first here to meet the cats, and joined the conversational free for all.

The book was The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, and we all loved it. We actually talked about it quite a bit, by our standards. Supposedly it's being made into a movie and I really hope they don't botch it. There is an excellent trailer. The next one is The 100 year old man who climbed out the window and disappeared. I've read it already, and might read it again for the meeting.

Meanwhile, I'm still burping the various culinary goodies. I did not work out today. Yesterday I was on the bike for a fairly hard hour's workout. Good warm up, then hard intervals above 200 watts, at progressively faster spins. Cool down. Stretch after for a long time.

Today I'm noticing my lungs. I think I knocked some guck loose, and I've been coughing it up. My lungs have that hollow feeling so I know I pushed them. My legs are feeling pretty good.

I'm still looking for 28 English words. I've had one suggestion and an alternate, so there's a long way to go. Never mind why at the moment, all will be revealed later. 26 more words, please and thank you. Feel free to email them if you don't want to comment. My email is buried in my blog, as is my twitter account. Some of you are on Facebook, and that's ok too. A few might see me on Linked In, and that's ok too.

Curtis and Celina were the hit of the meeting, after the food, particularly Curtis. Just by accident today I got a great shot of him looking regal. Or something. What you can't see from this shot is his paws hooked into my fingers, trying to play with the phone.

Last night I stayed up way too late watching old Clint Eastwood movies. Man did he ever have good hair back in the day! I'd forgotten how much squinting happened. If you want to know which movies, just look at some of my recent posts, and you'll get the idea. I can go for a long time without video input, but I was really in the mood last night. Linda has Sherlock on right now, and I think I'll wrap this up and join her.

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