Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Not the rant, yet, but

Chugging through Simpson's book on the Canadian health care system. So far I've wanted to get up and scream about it a few times. It's safe to say there is a head of steam building for a rant.

Even after a really, really light workout yesterday, I could feel it in my hip a little bit, and in my hams and calves as I walked to work this morning. Once I finish digesting supper I'll head downstairs and do some core and stretching. That kale stuff sure slows me down as I eat a huge Waldorf salad mutation.

I've been musing about races this year. I already see people have signed up for some. There are races that are sold out or nearly so. Yet somehow I do not feel the race love at the moment, not even for my nemesis, Chinook. My thought was to do some Olympic distance races this year, see if I could build some speed. Over the fall I was doing really well on the training. Then since early December I've been off the wagon. I needed a bit of a mental break, and then came Christmas and a trip to /Vancouver. Then I got sick and I'm still struggling out of it. Not having any races to train for is enormously reassuring at the moment, still, I'm wondering if I really ought to get off my butt and sign up. Get over over the DNS of my last race. Start to focus.

(What's that wine saying? And the cookie chorus, isn't that a new orchestration? Plus the cats are making it clear they consider my first duty after feeding them is to give them a lap.)

The only races for Oly distance in short driving distance of Calgary I know of are Chinook and Canmore. Is Banff still on? When, if so? Are there other good ones local? When is signup for Vulcan; or is it full already? I'd travel that far I guess. I know of one in May, and if the organizer is putting it on again, I'll be there.

In a teaser, I'm starting to build a three part blog. The titles will amuse you.

The sunset was pretty amazing tonight. These photos are untouched. No Snapseed, no filters, no nothing. Just an iPhone 4 pointed at the sky. Yes that's the moon in the first one; it looks much bigger in real life.






  1. There are some great Oly's out this way and accommodation is FREE! Just sayin'.... :D

    1. Can't really see traveling that far for a tri during a work year. Maybe between contracts, or if I plan a break next year. Though I still have that thing about putting Estela into a box that goes onto an airplane. Thanks for the offer though!

  2. Actually from Tiff. "My Internet is down and it's a pain to write a comment from my iPhone. I did lake chaparral in Calgary 2 years ago and I loved it. The bike route wasn't ideal (4 loops) but the swim was awesome and the crowd support was incredible."

    Thanks! A buddy of mine had done it and said the one corner was exciting, but I think they've done more development and it's more normal now.

  3. I was going to say Lake Chaparral, too, Keith - my friend did it and loved it! And there's Lake Chestermere in July!

    Fabulous pictures :)


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