Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Swim surprise

Well, I haven't forgotten how to swim after all. Faithful readers will know I've been a bit off my feed for the swim lately. Today was back to what I think of as normal. I'm really not sure what was different about my stroke, but it did feel smoother and better coordinated with my kick.

I didn't start off as strong as normal, but swam quite consistent 500 m splits.
First 9:40 (580 seconds)
Second 19:25 (585 seconds)
Third 29:11 (611 seconds)

My inner shark showed up for the first visit in a while. Didn't say where he'd been, just muttered about "secret shark stuff". He showed up just as the two girls in the next lane started some intervals that had them swimming just a little faster than me. For about 10 seconds. Ha! Together we picked up the pace, and left them behind. Then kept the pace up.

Toward the end I was starting to fade a bit, and without the competition of anyone in the next lane anymore, relaxed. I'd thought about carrying on for another 500 m, but decided it was more important to remember it as a faster swim that went well, rather than go the distance and have it fade into obscurity.

Did some core and flexibility work in the dive tank. We'll mark this down as a solid 45 min.


  1. Awesome!! Good that feeling of it coming together!

  2. persistence pays off :) and you should maptheride for me BEFORE i come out there!!!

  3. But that would spoil the fun!


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