Thursday, May 29, 2008

The 4am run, reprised, faster

Back on May 8th, I burst out the door at 4am for a 90 minute run (14/1)in the cold rain. Blogged here. This evening I did that same run in 80 minutes, 19/1. I pushed a bit harder on this run, aiming for a low zone 3 heart rate. In fact my average heart rate is 126 bpm over the 80 minutes. It's about 10.5 K.

There was no steady pace particularly. My heart rate was up and down. I'd start thinking about Vulcan a week from now, and my heart rate would increase. Then I'd think about what I was doing now it it would drop again. Or I'd pick up the pace just a little and the heart rate would go up a lot. I had a strong finish, with heart rate up in the mid 130's for the last 12 minutes. My feet feel a little tired, but legs are good.

Looking forward to a Friday am swim, then riding home from work nice and easy on my hybrid, and (sob!) my last massage from my wonderful therapist until she visits from Cortes Island. Sat is a major quadzilla breaking, lung burning, heart bursting ride with Susi and Jenna. Susi says that if she's going to be given devil horns she's gonna be worthy of them! She has such a route planned! I only hope these two fierce competitors don't push so hard to make the other beg for mercy that they drop me out in the boonies in the middle of the ride. I know Jenna can kick my ass in the pool and on the run, and Susi can easily outrun me. We'll see how close to the hurl zone I come trying to keep up on the bike. I seem to remember Susi saying that if I keep up she'll buy all the sushi I can eat. Look for deets on Sunday. If I have the energy to type...


  1. Heyyy nice steady improvement on the run. I think susi's gonna tell me her planned route so I can ride the same route. It would be good to meet you as well. :)

  2. nice try small fry...there will be no buying of sushi for you!! you will keep up cause you can!

    the ride isn't THAAAAT bad. it's just a steady climb with some wee hills thrown in. :) is all good.

    i'm looking forward to it!!

  3. oh! great job on the run buddy!!!

  4. I SOOOO want a detailed report (as only you can) of that bike ride!!!

  5. Great Run!!! I laughed when I read, "Susi says that if she's going to be given devil horns she's gonna be worthy of them" - but fear not Keith, we can always draft off one another as we try to find out way back home if she drops us I have CAA and I believe they cover the DRIVER of any vehicle!! LOL D- looking forward to hooking up with you and your riding buddy....oh i am so excited. it is is like I have NO OTHER LIFE!!!HA!! OK well i don't!

  6. Good run man.

    Have a terrific training weekend bro

  7. Awesome run Keith!! Just channel your inner shark for the bike -- you are going to have such a blast!! I LOVED biking with people when I was in Penticton. And you are going to have such superior company too!

    I'm looking to try and come cheer you on in Vulcan ... :) :) :)


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