Thursday, May 8, 2008

4am run in the rain!

Yes sleepy-heads (and you know who you are), I was out the door at 4AM into the pouring rain. It was 2 C out. It was colder than running in -whatever it was during the winter.

But the rain stopped about 20 minutes into it, and it turned into a nice run. I was worried about crashing and burning on my first 1.5 hour run. Rather than a long out and back, I ran a C shaped route through the neighbourhood so I wouldn't have too far to walk back. Just in case. My wife insisted I take my cellphone. (Note to self, next time put the cell phone in a different pocket than the cookies.)

The goal was to have a steady run, at the pace just before needing to start breathing deeply. Without a Garmin I don't know my pace throughout the run, but I know the heart rate where I started breathing deeper gradually got higher as I settled in. At fist it happened about 124 bpm, and gradually rose up to about 130 at the end of the run.

The run divided itself neatly into six 15 minute segments, 14/1. About the 50 minute mark I noticed a bit of a side stitch coming on, but it went away again. Legs were tired, but steady, with no real complaints. Walked a little before and after, with some stretching, but probably not enough. I turned around at the 44 minute mark. It was that or run on Anderson Road. Then I got back to my starting point right on 90 minutes, so the pace on the way back was 2 minutes slower. The last 15 minutes is mostly up hill and mostly into a very cold wind. I was thinking about singing Susi's "my toes are cold" song, but they weren't that cold, and the houses aren't that far way.

Overall a great run! I was a bit nervous about going that long, but it was all good. Ate two cookies early on, and drank energy drink throughout, probably half litre or so. 90 minutes 14/1, about 10.5 K. First time I've ever run that far. Ever in my life!

Biking for tonight looks like indoors. I saw snow this morning, and the weather says there's lots coming. I'll wait and see; I've been surprised by Calgary weather many times.


  1. YAY!!! Your first 90 minute run down pat!! HIGH FIVE!! That is so cool. I bet it was a great time to be out running - nice and quiet. Sigh...

  2. Awesome! And yes, cell phone and cookies never go in the same pocket. Also, in case things go really bad, I take my credit card and health insurance card. I fear the day my outdoor excursions go absolutely sideways.

  3. - you don NOT take your health card and credit card DO YOU?

    Great job on getting the run down. You are progressing so nicely - everytime we hit major accomplishments we should have a party! We are a few behind...Kelly's 2.5 hour ride, my 100 km ride, Julie getting outside, Chuck's 4:30 plank, Al's sub 2 hour half, Dwayne's first ride ... your furthest run EVER. Hell we should book a resort somewhere in the dead of winter and catch up on these parties we are due!! Well done!!

  4. Great job Keith!! That is awesome. little bit by little bit we are getting there.

  5. i'm with alan. on my long bike rides i have my blood donor card with me so they know what blood type i am...just in case! not to mention a card with my name, ICE contacts and that i have asthma.

    oh and my cell and mastercard!

  6. I have a clip on road ID for my shoes and my bike. Makes me feel safer.

    mmm Cookies. Uh so did I miss your magic drink? Can you email it to me?

  7. Great job, Keith!! You did so awesome, but my God man, 4:00am?????

    Fantastic workout, all the more for being done long before I would think of getting up.

    I have nothing to complain about - if you are already out the door and running at 4:00 am I have NO EXCUSES!!! LOL!!

    Way to go Keith!!!


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