Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tues evening spin

There were some logistical issues at our house last night that prevented me from getting the car all loaded up with bike stuff for spin class. Between the run in the morning, (yes indeed I was out the door at 4:35 AM) eating breakfast and showering I didn't have time today either.

It was kind of cool and looked like it would rain any minute when I got home this afternoon. I had a light supper and relaxed with a cat for a few minutes then headed into the basement for my spin session. Between the longish ride on Sunday and the run this morning I didn't want to put in a big bike session. The plan was to warm up thoroughly and do an easy gear, high cadence workout. I was mostly aiming for low zone 2.

Things went pretty well. I did some max smooth cadence bursts for 30 seconds, then 90 seconds easier. I maxed out about 125 rpm without bouncing. Settled in at 95 to 100 rpm for a while, then eased off a bit to cool down. I had initially though no more than 90 minutes, and called it a day at 60. My legs felt strong and relaxed, but the last max rpm after the main set was not as smooth as the ones before the main set. Stretched out afterward, and bed is calling me.


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