Friday, May 30, 2008

Wet start to ride home

The swim was good today, back to normal, still.
2K 39:30, nice and easy and relaxed. Chatted with some of the regulars. A trio of kids showed up and took over the lane I was in. Since they had rockets installed by proctologists, I moved into the next lane where people were swimming more my speed. The fastest of the trio was doing a relaxed swim at about my all out pace.

I rode home from work for the first time. Linda dropped me and my hybrid off. The morning looked nice, and just as I was thinking about shutting it down and heading out, it started raining. I didn't care. I could see that it would soon pass. Sure enough, from the office over Deerfoot and it had essentially stopped. From the zoo on it was nice.

The ride home is almost exactly 30 K, and took 1:24, riding nice and easy, just riding along and enjoying the scenery. I worked just a bit to keep cadence high to help flush out my legs and get them warmed up for the monster ride tomorrow. And no, I don't know why mapmyride put that straight line to join the office (north end) to home. It screwed up the milage too, but I have the bike computer for that. I took the scenic route through Sandy Beach scoping out where we're planning to hold our company picnic. Somehow, the hill up and out of Sandy Beach doesn't seem so bad anymore.


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  1. Way to go!! You conquer the hills now, eh? :) :) Woohoo for 229!!


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