Monday, May 26, 2008

Nice and smooth swim

I could have slept more today. Something about all this rain, and fairly big workout yesterday. Felt pretty good getting into the pool. Still getting used to these goggles. Once they seal, they're fine, but there's a hollow beside my nose that is difficult.

Swam 45 minutes, but wasn't tracking distance. 2200 m at best and maybe only 2150. Although I was still slow, I was feeling much smoother as far as my arms were concerned. I started at 18 strokes per length, and fairly quickly went to 20, then to 22. Kick was a bit of a shambles.

It was a funny sort of tired. My heart rate was pretty low, and arms were going around pretty good, but they didn't want to pull any harder. I could have kept going. Otherwise they felt fine. Breathing was good. Shoulders good at the time, though they're a bit stiff now.


  1. Goggles are such a chore -- I don't know how many $$ I spent trying to find a pair that wouldn't leak. I have a brand spanking new pair of those Aquasphere goggles (tinted to boot!) that just won't stick to my face. I would suction them on as best I could, and then if I smiled, the seal would pop! Go figure!! LOL!

  2. Hey - Rumour has it I ned to get my camera out for you :)


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