Sunday, May 18, 2008

Big windy Sunday, windy

Saturday I ended up working 5 hours or so do do the final tests on a software deployment. All went well but it didn't leave me feeling like doing much. I hung around the house, did a bit of yard work and tidying, did the prep for the big day tomorrow, but mainly tried to relax. Slept poorly. Damn HAWKS helicoper.

The big day at last! I was thinking of my buddies out tackling Richter, and here I was wanting to do a mere 100 K on fairly flat ground.

During the swim I was feeling Darth Vader-ish. "These goggles have failed me for the last time!". Then I channeld Zorg saying the same thing and nearly cracked up. But leaky goggles. Grrr. Bought new ones. Swimming next to another tri athlete. I kept up to her during her sprints, and watched her nearly puke after doing a set of 9 (count'em 9) strokes on one breath. Not me buddy. We chatted about stuff for a few minutes. She showed me a nasty sunburn across her back, just between where the bike shorts stopped, and the shirt began, from earlier this week. She'll be doing Osooyos instead of Chinook. Better stock up on sunscreen is all I can say.

Swam 2K in just under 41 minutes goggles and all. Drove home, completed transition to bike, but wasn't trying to rush. It was MUCH more important to get everything. I even had a checklist, and even used it. Sunscreen was the top item, in big important letters. Even did a swipe across the top of my shorts just in case. Out the door and off! It was actually more cloudy than sunny, and not too hot. Very nice for riding!

I started the ride knowing I'd being going into the wind. Stated goal, stay tucked, pedal strong, get through the wind and have fun on the way back, nibbling nutrition every 10 minutes. So much for the plan.

Cold Cliff bar chunks are easy to get out of the bag. The way back they all glued themselves back together and that was a bit tougher to deal with. About Priddis I nearly dug the whole mess out all at once for one massive chew. But I pictured 5'2 of fury looking disapproving and didn't. Very handy having Bento Box, thanks again Julie, post race goodies are on me at the next race we're in.

Sure enough the wind was strong going west on 22X. Was tucked in for most of the first hour and could feel it in the top of my thighs. It wasn't so bad near Priddis, and picked up again after. I turned around at a campground on the left, but I forget the name, just a hair short of 5 K past the info station. Washroom!

Heading back is always a good feeling on this route. The tough half is done. The wind was my buddy for now, the traitorous bastard. Back to Priddis was fast, finally seeing lots of other cyclists, and then I ran into a headwind again, and it stayed there all the way home. ALL THE WAY HOME, DAMMIT! Heading back turned into a slog. I knew I wasn't going to have a good time, but I didn't care. I wanted to get it over with. The last hour on the bike was tough. I wanted to get off and do a good stretch, but I was afraid I wouldn't get back on again.

Oddly enough, it wasn't my butt that hurt. From the top down, the base of my neck, my shoulders, my hands, my low back, my hips, IT band, quads, calves a little, and the balls of my feet. I shifted around and stretched as best as I could, which didn't help the time in the wind. And of course, traffic was good so I had no excuse to stop and stand up at either 22X and 37, or the light on 37. Did a short "penalty loop", just to bring the milage to over 100K since I turned around just a little before the 50 K mark.

In one sense, it was good to have the wind blowing the wrong way for about 3.5 of the 4.3 hours I was on the bike. It's not beyond reason the same thing will happen race day, and now I know I can cope. But I was sure grumpy about it at the time.

The run went better than I thought it would. Legs didn't complain. Actually, they liked this standing up thing. I chugged around the neighbourhood slow and steady, no need for a walk, though my heart rate was higher than I liked. I contemplated going a little further than the 30 min called for by the IGP™. Then pictured IG frowning, and pointing to the schedule, and didn't.

Called my emergency pick up person to let him know I was done, walked a bit, then stretched a bit and probably should have done more. Had a nice long lukewarm shower, then a snack and a beer! (Hi Kelsey.) Then a nap with Amelia. Naps are always better with a cat in your lap.

Here's all the numbers for those that care:
100.25 K
4:20 bike time (1st 50 2:24, 2nd 1:57)
23.23 Average speed (wind!)
76 average cadance
77.5 K max speed.

6:45 T2
3.5 K
30 min run

129 bpm overall heart rate
151 bpm peak heart rate
5030 total calories (minus 4 Cliff's bars and 1 litre energy drink)

Total activity time 5 hours (swim, bike, run). Trying not to think of the 17 K further I have to run during Chinook.

Weekly totals
Swim 3.33 hr
Bike 7.16 hr
Run 3 hr
Total 13.5 hr.


  1. way 2 go!! 100 km ride - in the baG!!! PLUS ALL THE OTHER STUFF YOU DID!!!

  2. hmm I'm sensing I have a bit of a reputation...

    Awesome ride!


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