Friday, May 9, 2008

Fastest swim in a while

The pool felt good today. Not breakthrough good, but back to what I think of as normal. After the last couple of workouts I wasn't really sure what to expect. I also didn't know what goal to set for the workout. In the end, I decided to do a bit of warmup, then some brisk 100 m intervals.

The 500 m warmup went quick, 9:20. Not a record for me, but only a few seconds off it. I messed up a turn and something went click in my back so I didn't push the last 150 m, but I don't think I was quite on track for sub-9 minutes anyway. At least once before the Vulcan tri I'd like to do 500 m in 9 minutes. I told them I could cause I don't want to be with a group struggling to do it in 11 min. I think I can if I put it all together and have a good day. The first time is the hardest. After a minute or so of rest I got into the intervals.

5 x 100 m on 2:15 start. The time ranged between 100 and 105 seconds. Again, not record times for me but a good solid effort that I'm pretty pleased with. My kick felt strong again and it was nice to be going fast in the water again. The last 50 m was pushing hard to break 100 seconds, and I figured trying for another 100 m would land me well on the way to the retaste zone.

Then into the dive tank for core and flexibility. That's going better too. For one of them I almost got my heels hooked onto the slightly raised tiles. Used to be I couldn't even get my toes that high. The progress is nice to see.

I've been looking at the weather forecast for the weekend, and trying to figure out a bike route that keeps me east. I'd like to stay out of wet roads from melting snow, but I'm also not thrilled about the 22X bridge over MacLeod Trail. It's awfully narrow. I'm thinking of going down toward Okotoks, then over toward Millarville. If the roads get yucky I can always turn around and come back the same way. Or maybe I'll just go west on 22x and see what it's like. Though it's normally my rest day, Saturday is looking like the nicer day. IGP™ says 2.5 to 3.5 hr with a 20 to 30 min run after.

The number is 230, which is the same as a couple weeks ago.

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