Sunday, May 25, 2008

I didn't know my butt could read

Here's the story. The IGP™ says 3.5 to 4 hr on bike, aiming for min 100K. Well, call me a weenie if you feel you should, but 8 C and rain is not an incentive to ride outside. I don't mind cold. I'm not thrilled about rain because of visibility issues but I suppose I could cope with a light warm rain. But cold AND rain? Nope. Change tires and set up trainer.

My bike computer is set to get milage off the front wheel, so I've no idea how far I actually went. My thought was to make this a fairly tough workout and try to replicate riding outside as much as I could. I wore my helmet. I stuffed the bento box full of bites of Cliff's bars. Loaded up the water bottles, and put one in my jersey pocket. Didn't ride the 10/5 the IGP called for, but when up and down hills pretending I was on the 22X course. The first two hours were more pretending I was going into the wind, and going uphill. The second two hours was the ride back, assuming no wind but more downhill and high cadence work. I tried to go from hill to high cadence quickly.

I had a bad bit at 2:15 or so, then settled down again. A little over 3 hours and my butt made it clear that 4 hours was going to be it, and not one second more. I had sort of been thinking about going 4.5 hours just to be sure of going 100 K. At the end of the ride I had finished my two bottles of energy drink, and almost one more bottle of water. Sweated like a stuck pig, with a small puddle under my bike. I had to put a towel over my bento box or I would have had Cliff bar soup. At one point I bent over to pedal standing up, and a small river poured out of my helmet.

Even so, my average bike hr wasn't all that high at 113, so I suppose I should have pushed harder. I did manage to get up to 144 briefly by pedalling like mad. Average cadance was 76, which is pretty close to my outdoor rides. 3837 calories.

5 min transition.

Ran 5 K in 44:32 average hr 133. Legs felt great. Running in rain is ok, but I was one wet soggy puppy when I got home.

Weekly totals
Swim .66 hr
Bike 5 hr
Run 5 hr !!!!!!
Total 10.66

This was a bit of a rest week for me, and with all the running I didn't feel the least guilt about dialing back on my swim. I'm having a weird upper arm soreness. Not sure what I did, maybe slept on it funny. We'll see how it feels during the swim tomorrow.


  1. Bravo!!! Bento box choweder :) helmet indoors - Linda should have taken a few snaps for us!!!!

  2. sorry, there will be no story about weekends ride on my blog. yes, i did go outside. was great at first and i was warm with my many layers (very little rain). but then i got a downpour and was soaked thru...that's when the wind got me and the teeth chattering, shivering and lose of hand dexterity happened. i had to make an emergency pick up call, which was hard because i couldn't unzip, ziploc where phone was and couldn't get phone out of cover. couldn't break or shift at that point either. i'm thinking with the blue lips and shivering etc that hypothermia was setting in. scared the crap out of me because it all happened so fast. don't want to post on my blog as i don't want the parental unit to know and worry about thier dumb ass daugther. :)

    so i got a 45 minute swim in, and 2.5 hrs on the bike. i stayed in the shower for a very very long time to warm up and had a pretty good headache after, so didn't finish off the training.

    you were smart for staying in! good on ya for sticking it out on the trainer and for pretending you were outside! is all good practice.

  3. Ha ha, that's awsome, you got the full outdoor simulation thing going on. You shoulda got a picture of that!! Good job getting your workout done, 4 hours is a long time on a trainer.

  4. Ha! I knew I wasn't the only one to ride indoors with a helmet on for safety reasons ;)

    Nice work on your epic ride. You are going to rock your key race.

  5. I don't know how you people put that time in on the trainer...but, you gotta do what you gotta do!!!


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