Monday, May 12, 2008

Shambling excuse of a swim

I'm consoled by the thought that if you have a choice of which tri discipline to have a bad day at, you pick the swim. As long as you make the time cutoff things can still be good. I felt fine from the weekend workout, and my legs are good, but the swim today was a struggle. Unco-ordinated. Sloppy ineffectual kick that was out of time with my arms. Generally slow and feeble. But I didn't push it, and worked through it, and about 10 laps felt good-ish toward the end of the swim, although still slow.

2K 41 minutes. (covers face and slinks off.)


  1. no slinking - you were there!! That counts!!

  2. It's because of your comments to your inner shark on your awesome bike ride -- the threat of getting hit by a vehicle? LOL!!

    My guess is poor sharkie was just grumpy this morning and decided to hide. :) :)

  3. Don't worry you gotter done, most of my swims are a drag now too. It's cause I'm training outside, it seems the swim looses it's momentum and I just try to maintain the swim fitness.

  4. try not to project your training swims onto your race. they are two different things.

    you are gonig to be great in the race and the fact that you finished your swim even though you weren't 'feeling it' just proves how strong you really are!

  5. You were there...better than the man that doesn't show up.

  6. and i'd be the one that doesn't show up ....:) It's all good!! You are puttin in some deposits into the BANK OF RACE DAY. Spend it all on race day if you want :)


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