Wednesday, May 7, 2008

nice swim

The goal for today was to have a nice smooth swim at my normal pace. No pushing to be faster, just smooth. I settled in pretty good right from the start feeling better than the swim the other day, and then it only got better. I'm really liking this idea of stating the goal for the workout. It helps with focus.

I communed with my inner shark for a while, just going back and forth in a contented way. He wanted to attack blubber guts in the next lane that swims so splashy, but I wouldn't let him. After a while he wandered off to where ever it is that inner sharks go when humans aren't paying attention, but came back during the last 5 laps.

I wasn't really keeping close track of time, but happened to check my watch at 1K, for 19:38, and at 2K for 39:48. So I was a hair off my pace for the last K, but I could feel myself getting sloppy during laps 25 to 35, then picked it up for a strong smooth finish.

It was nice to feel the water again, trying subtly different strokes to see how they felt. There's two distinct strokes now, and I'm not sure which is faster. Or which could be faster. I counted strokes per 25 m several times and was bang on 20 each time, without trying to minimize the number, just swimming. I felt strong and relaxed, and never even came close to running out of breath. My legs felt good from the spin session last night, but I didn't want to try to kick too hard.

Rest evening tonight, and that typically means laundry. I might have a go at the mystery inner tube. Pump it up and it slowly goes flat, but I can't find a stream of bubbles when I hold it under water. There's wine bottles to clean, maybe change back to the trainer tire because tomorrow evening looks too crappy for a ride outside. Plus get ready for another morning run. That will be my big run this week, so I'll have to be up ready to be out of the house at 4. That's AM for you sleepy-heads. I'll finish up at 5:30 just as my wife is getting out of bed.

40 min swim
20 min core and flexibility. Big progress on the one that goes like this. (demonstrates) I can almost get my toes out of the water!


  1. i'm glad you had a great swim!

    okay, the failure analysis geek in me is now intrigued by tube...must find leak!

    good luck on your run tomorrow. i will be doing the early AM thing next week as well. is a peaceful time to run - should be great!

  2. keith take the blown up tube into the tub with you :) if you don't find the leak you will at last have something to keep you amused ;)

  3. Check the valve on the tube. Its the top piece that you twist after you pump up your tire so it won't go flat. They come loose from time to time and plagued me one year until I realized what it was. You can get a little plastic piece that fits over them nicely at any bike store or use a pair of needle nose pliers to tighten it.

    By that way, you are hardcore in my books. 4am rise? That commands respect. Way to go man.

  4. Throw out the tube. They only cost 7 or 8 bucks eh? Not worth the heartache!! Besides, it's only your shark's curiosity that is driving you to get into the water and fool around with the tube. You must be firm with your inner shark -- he must not meddle with biking matters. LOL!!! :) :)

  5. 4 am in the cold rain we are having?! Oh man, I can't peel myself off the mattress for that. At the way the weather is going, I am skeptical about my bike on Saturday.


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