Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mon swim, Tues run

Totally spaced on updating my blog last night. Monday swim was ok. Full lanes. My choice was to swim with the two girls I often see. I usually swim faster than them, but lately we're about the same speed. Or, I could swim with the two guys that swim faster than me, one of them significantly faster. I was feeling rested and ready to go. Guess which I picked? Two guesses and the first doesn't count. In a half K, the one guy lapped me several times, and I think the other lapped me once.

I went out too hard from the beginning trying to keep up, and wasn't smooth. It took about 750 m to get back into the groove, and by then I was tired. It was a good workout, but I suspect if I'd joined the girls I'd have have warmed up a bit and got in the groove sooner by not trying to push the pace. Still, it was an ok time.
1K 19:30
20 minutes core and flexibility in the dive tank.

The run this morning was great! I just happened to wake up at 4:15 or so, with all my running stuff laid out the night before in the other bedroom. I was out the door at 4:35 to start the same loop down through Fish Creek I did a week or so ago. It's 7.7 K back to the house, and I had hopes of doing that in an hour. I got to about 7.3 K in the hour, then walked the last 500 m or so to cool down. I did a short walk and slow start to running to warm up. IG didn't specify a run/walk cycle, so I just ran, nice and easy. About the 35 minute mark I walked less than a minute while I was looking for a water fountain at Bebo Grove, but there isn't one.

But I did see a white tail deer also looking for a water fountain. Or something. It was cautious of me, but didn't go bounding off. I was within maybe 10 steps of it. That wasn't the case with the beaver. I think I startled it. First thing I know is there's a really loud splash in the pond beside the path, and some ripples looking like something big is swimming underwater. There were also a ton of bunnies out for their morning hop.

Legs felt good all the way through. There were tired noises, but no pre-cramp complaints. Toward the end I was getting a bit tired, and I don't think I was going as fast, and my heart rate was up a bit.
For the hour:
123 average heart rate
143 peak heart rate
87 min heart rate
930 total calories

I'd have liked to stretch a bit more, but I'm writing this at lunch time and things feel fine. I'm planning to spin at home tonight, doing easy gear, high cadence work to flush out my legs.


  1. deer, and beaver, and bunnies OH MY! LOL. all you needed was snow white out there too! sigh. now i want to be outside...even if it is rainy. :)

  2. Was that 4 in the am? or a typo...OMG someone out earlier than me!! Awesome!

  3. I don't know how you folks get out that early. I can't do it, ..... yet. Maybe I'll give it another go in summer.

  4. 4.15. you are SICK. Nuff said.


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