Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Accidently fast (for me) 5K

This morning was a 5K run in 36:04. Average heart rate of 121. I took lap readings on my watch every K, but then forgot to write the numbers down and then reset it for my ride this evening. The first K was about 7:45, the next two were under 7 min, and the next two a little over. I didn't mean to run that fast, honest! I just kept my heart rate nice and low and was aiming for a nice smooth stride.

This evening the weather web page said it was 18. Lying $#@! After work I drove most of the road to Nepal. Starting after you turn south again, the paving is done both lanes almost down to 586, or whatever the highway is that goes from Millarville to Okotoks. The pavement is nice and smooth, but you have to watch out for some sample cores taken out of the road. Why?? They still have to repave the bit leading south from 22X, and the east west jog.

I really wasn't sure how much I wanted to ride tonight, so I put Estela in the car and drove down to the top of the new pavement. I figured I'd do some hill work. It took me half an hour to go 7.25 Km. Uphill. Into the wind. Freezing my toes off. There was no way it was 18. I'm sure glad I had a sweat shirt in the car. Only 10 minutes to come back that same 7.25 Km. Map my ride says I went up 250 m in that 7 K.


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