Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Weird throat feeling during swim and run

2K swim 41 minutes. It was odd that it felt like I couldn't get a good breath. You know that feeling like there's a belch half way out, or like there is food part way down but won't go up or down? Or something at the top of your shoulders is tight and is almost ready to click? All through the swim, and all through my evening run.

The plan was for a spin on Tues evening, but I was beat and went to bed early. The plan was to run Thursday morning and spin Wed night. However it wasn't raining, but was supposed to rain tomorrow. So I figured I'd run tonight, and spin in the morning.

Ran 5 x 18/2. I don't know how far I went and don't really feel like tracing it out on mapmyrun. However I chugged along at what seemed like my normal pace. My breathing was a bit more laboured than my heart rate would lead me to expect. My legs felt nice and steady with only the slightest of twinges. They were getting pretty tired at the end so I'm glad I didn't try to make it to the 2 hour mark. It was a nice evening for a run, and Fish Creek is beginning to bloom. Walked 3 minutes before, 5 after, and stretched for a while. Bedtime!


  1. how are you today? better??

  2. Sounds like what I also get before a cold. Hope you are able to ward it off.

  3. I have had that throat thing happen before but when I am super tired and exhausted.

  4. Drink lots of OJ and make sure you get some quality rest!!


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