Tuesday, August 8, 2017

This is not that begonia shot

I just loved the begonia shot from late July. But I tweaked the settings and what do you know? I like this one even better! The light was similar, but this image has a bit more light to dark contrast, and you can see the texture of the blossom. The other one was a much softer image.

I just love the lilies. This one makes me think of a predator leaping out of a pink sea, ready to open it's blossom jaws and nab its prey. Sorry if I'm giving some of my suggestible readers nightmare fodder.

One last cheerful pair of day lilies to brighten your day.

The sunset boat shot from yesterday has been getting lots of play on Facebook and Instagram, thank you very much!  A few people liked the macro shots as well, how nice.

In blog news I'm a few months out from the blog's 10th birthday on Oct 27, and it will go past 2500 posts shortly before that at current production. Any reader ideas on what they'd like to see for a celebration?

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