Monday, August 7, 2017

And now for something different

Yeah, I know, you guys are sick of flowers. You can only take so much flowery blossom beauty. What else have you done, you ask.

So here's some other stuff from the last little while that didn't make it into the blog. I was thinking of moonrise last night. It's nearly full, but I dithered about a good place to shoot from and then it was too late, but that's ok, it wasn't anything special. Then I saw the sunset happening and hustled over to Glenmore reservoir and got there just in time.

Moonrise tonight (here in Calgary) is at 9:14 pm. Maybe I'll put some more thought into a good place to shoot from.

You will be happy to know that Curtis is as photogenic as ever.

Celina isn't quite as photogenic, but she is very pretty, and I know she has her fans here as well.

Fish Creek Bridge 3

One of our smoky sunsets.

During our lunch on the steam train at Heritage Park (Google River Forth dining car, it's really good.) I looked over my shoulder and saw this guy. I loved the rich lighting, and him patiently standing there. I think he's the conductor, and does stuff at the stations, but meanwhile, around and around he goes.

It got me thinking about some of John Varley's work, set on the moon, where they create huge caverns and build what are call Disneylands. These are essentially theme parks, where people either visit, or try to live a simpler life in a bubble within a much more technologically complex society. We see a faint hint of this in Heritage Park, and other re-creation villages.

I wonder what he's thinking, if he's imagining himself as an old time train conductor, or if he's a retiree wondering if he can pay his bills, or any number of other modern day concerns.

Remember the dragonfly that was a runner up for July image of the month? There was another shot of it before it landed on my knee.

We've had a lovely summer, lots of clear sunny days that are hot for Calgary. But there's been a bit of rain too.

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