Saturday, August 12, 2017

924 photos

Today I was out shooting the Lake Chaparral event, kids of steel and swim. It was fun, and it's always nice to see people out being active. 924 photos later I headed home.

So what happens to them? It should be clear that I don't go through and edit each by hand. Here's what happens.

Chip into computer, load files into Lightroom. (Shower.)
Look at each photo to see if there is a reason to reject it, such as wildly over or under exposed, out of focus, or just "unfortunate". (BBQ steak dinner, eat.)
Only 10 were rejected, so I'm really pleased.
I publish all the photos, so-so or not. I've learned that people might like something that I don't.
Select all photos, make sure auto-synch is on, click the auto button. This goes through all the photos and tweaks exposure, contrast, and balance between whites and blacks according to an algorithm. It's not perfect but for shots like this it's usually pretty good. (Wash dishes.)
Check to make sure Lightroom has finished these edits, and scroll through in grid view to see if there are any that are really obviously not right.
Make sure the watermark and export process does what I think it will, export all photos to a folder in jpeg format. This downsizes them and applies a pair of watermarks. (Start preparing for tomorrow's shoot.)
Start writing the text for the gallery page people will see.
Next is Google Photos. I'm still getting the hang of this. Upload the kids of steel photos, create an album for them, move photos to the album. Yes, this workflow is counter intuitive.
Do the same with the swim photos.
Get a share link from Google Photos and embed those in the gallery page. Final checks. Publish.
Social media activities to share the links. So far not many hits on that gallery page, but it only got published just before supper time. Here's the link if you want to see them.

Much the same will happen tomorrow with the adult triathlon. No idea how many photos I'll take.

After processing that many photos today, I'm done. Here's one from last week that I don't think I've published.

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