Monday, August 21, 2017

Macro Monday 3

Today's subject was Estela, my road bike. She's such a pretty bike, but today we're going into some fine detail. I took better notes this time so I know what magnification was used for each photo. Lighting while I played with magnification and the macro rails was from an old LED lamp I'd forgotten I had, and I left it on during the shots. I had the bike up on a bike stand, and the camera on macro rails (duh!) and those mounted on the tripod. I goofed in not getting a shot of the setup. Live and learn.

Chain and cassette mechanism, and then the chainwheel with the 100 mm. This is middling clean.

Working my way into higher magnification. This is about 3x.

Going in a little further, this is 4x. That tooth isn't even close to the right shape anymore. I couldn't get closer.

The hole in one of the chain links at 4.2 x.

 Another part of one of the chain links at 3x. There are a couple other images of these done to play with focus stacking. Yes, the links have text stamped into them.

One of the cassette teeth at about 3x. I was having difficulty getting closer.

One of the spokes at 3.2x.

One of the front shifting wires at 4.1x.

I spent a while working on this little set screw trying to get the light and focus right. In real life it is 5 mm across. This one is 3.1 x.

This one is about 4.1 x. I spent more time fiddling with the lights trying to get closer than anything else, and I didn't want to get chain guck on any camera equipment.

This is part of the tire sidewall, and it's ever so subtly not in focus at 4x.

Part of the wheel rim at 4x.

Sidewall and wheel rim with 100 mm.

Here's the little set screw and the wire.

Next week, who knows? I'm looking carefully at every bottle of wine I uncork to see if there are any wine diamonds, and there are a few other things that have caught my eye. Stay tuned.

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