Thursday, August 3, 2017

Dragonfly hunting

Just recently I've done two walks through Fish Creek. The through part is quite literal, I wore shoes I didn't care about, and walked in the water quite a bit. The first couple days I wasn't looking for anything in particular, just on the hunt for nice photos.

Along the way I got these two dragonflies, but the 70-200 mm zoom lens wasn't the right one. I had the 100 mm lens with me, but didn't think they'd stick around while I changed lenses.

I'd never seen a red dragonfly before, and was lucky to get two shots before it zoomed off.

Today I rode my bike down, and decided to hang out near the bridges and see if I could catch any of them on camera. While I was waiting I saw this bee. We've never had these guys in our garden. I like the interesting shapes on the stripes.

I'm shooting almost straight up about 10 feet above my head. This is cropped quite a bit to get this. This would be the time to have the 200 mm lens.

This little one was quite cooperative as I slowly moved in, clicking quickly.

I was just fascinated watching them fly around. Everywhere I stopped there were dozens flying around. There are several different species, some big, some small. The trick will be to catch them when they're not flying. Getting one in flight will be sheer luck they are so quick.

Did you miss the July image of the month? There's a dragonfly in that post as well. While I'm on about insects, here's a few more bees in our garden. This one was huge. They love the mint!

Normally the run after a massage just sucks, but not today. 5K, 34:30 nice and easy. Legs feeling happy, and my cadence is gradually increasing. Off for an open water swim tonight. A run, bike, and swim today! Not often I get all three in the same day.

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