Saturday, August 26, 2017

The white of the lily

Yesterdays post was all about the dark lilies. Today's starts with a white lily only a few feet from the dark ones.

These are in pots in the front patio, but I think the plan is to transplant them over the fall into other parts of the garden. We've been working on suppressing a lily beetle infestation, and it will be easier to deal with if the plants are spread out a bit. Plus I think it will look stunning if the black, yellow, white, and orange ones are all arranged together in some artistic manner.

Hint, if you have lilies and see something that looks like a ladybug but without the spots, kill it. The larvae is like a black slug on the underside of the leaves and they are grossly disgusting but voracious. Kill them. I wear gloves to squish them. If you see a string of what looks like tiny orange beads, that's the eggs. Smear them. Your lilies will thank you.

The bees are still loving the dahlias.

And this, whatever it's called. It looks fearsome, does it not?

One of my neighbours yearns for a sunflower photo to hang in his living room, so he brought me some from Safeway. They are tiny, but that's ok. It's all in the choice of lens one uses. There's a stunning macro shot I'll post on Monday, but here's the sunflower shot I like best so far.

The gladiolus are opening up. Here's a teaser shot for you. (You're welcome, Susi.)

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