Friday, August 25, 2017

The dark of the lily

Lilies are beautiful! We have so many different kinds and they're all differently beautiful. Some of the colours are merely very pretty, and some of them are blow your socks off with the purity and clarity of the colour. Then for some of the photos where the lighting is perfect, it's like a little explosion happened in your brain.

Linda got these dark lilies as an experiment. I think they were a bonus for buying something else. I was a bit dubious about them, and at first I was thinking I wouldn't be able to photograph them. They are SO dark I was thinking all I'd get was a blodge of blackness.

So much for that. It is a bit of a challenge to get the settings right, and edited in Lightroom. Hint, forget the auto button exists. When the light is right, they are a beautiful black red that is difficult to describe. These have been captured in everything from morning to evening light.

I wonder whether a better camera would more accurately capture the flower colours, from brilliant yellows, oranges, reds, down to this black. The season is almost over, but anyone want to bring over a really good camera?

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  1. Beautiful! I like it when flowers come in surprisingly dark colors. I pass a rose on my walk that looks nearly black, and it always catches my eye.


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