Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The mind bending thing today

This is just one side of the fine print.

The other side is essentially similar. We got new credit cards today, and this is the fine print. I was actually reading it to see what it says about insurance and what we heard about the other day with a new high tech way of skimming.

In the bad old days, people worried about "the internet" stealing your credit card data. I took the position it was much easier to plant a skimming machine in a busy bar or restaurant, or a gas station. Now people put their credit card info onto the internet to buy stuff and don't think twice about it.

What I was thinking twice about is a report on the radio last week. Supposedly there is an app that lets a smart phone read one of these RFID or Near Field enabled credit cards while its still in your wallet in your pocket. I didn't really believe it at the time, and after a bit of research (snopes and a few others) it seems that it's one of those things that is technically possible, in a limited sense.

The newer chips are encrypted and don't "broadcast" the card info needed to create a new card or conduct another transaction. Each transaction is unique. And besides, you aren't liable for any unauthorized transactions.

It turns out the credit card I've been carrying around for the last 3 years has had this technology. So for me, nothing has changed. I don't think I'll being going to buy a Kevlar wallet embedded with silver oxide, or even wrapping the card in tinfoil.

Why is it always tinfoil?

I did not run. Though I'm thinking about it.
I did not bike. I wasn't thinking about it.
I did not swim. That was yesterday, and maybe tomorrow.
I did not core. I'm feeling lazy.


  1. All the stuff out there, Keith, makes you want to go old school and stuff your money under your mattress and pay cash for everything!! And when I read your idea for tinfoil, all I could think of was the crazy people who put tinfoil on their head in order to stop the aliens ;)

    1. Exactly! Though I have to admit when I was asked to join a particular Board of Directors, some of my concerned friends wanted to make me a helmet to keep out the dumb-o rays that appeared to have affected the previous boards. I'm almost sure tinfoil was to be involved.

  2. I had my info stolen off my credit card while it was still in my purse thanks to new technology. Thankfully my credit card company was on it and put a hold on any transactions when someone tried to by $500 in beer. I now keep my credit cards in little foil-lined sleeves in my wallet.

  3. I'm sorry that happened to you, but it's interesting to hear of it happening to a real person, in the real world. When did this happen?


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