Monday, April 1, 2013

Starting a day with Katie

Normally blog titles aren't a big deal for me. I have a bunch pending, when the time is right. But none of them work tonight, for whatever reason.

Earlier on twitter and facebook I posted a link to a news story from Zite. John Baird was embarrassed in Amman Jordan by simple questions from the reports there. I loved it! I can just picture this partisan blowhard being punctured by people that have no reason to kowtow to him. There are several very excellent questions, most of which we should be asking ourselves. The last one especially. Baird doesn't have an answer because it's true. To our shame. We need to do something about that. History suggests there is typically one way to get rid of tyrants. I'd like to think we can do better.

The day started with a dose of Katie! That's always a good way to start a day.  I had about a half hour of swimming done when I noticed her water running, then it occurred to me that water running would be good for my cranky legs. They're feeling better, but still cranky. The water run was good. Chatting with Katie was better yet. She leads an exciting life. Rose joined us for happy chat.

Did a bit of stretching at home, including a plank. Really needed to work on my legs more, but there is tax paperwork. Sigh. Then a dance class. This is kind of fun, trying to remember steps we last did years ago.

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