Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Nearly popped a gasket

I'd forgotten I'd taken this photo, almost by accident last weekend. This is the sun bouncing off another house, coming through our back window, and casting a shadow from our hibiscus on the wall. I've played with it a bit, of course, since it was pretty faint.


After I leave work traffic normally isn't too bad for us. We park near City Hall, zoom out 9th, duck under the new underpass, right, then left onto McLeod Trail, and we're well on our way home. Today there was an incident of some kind on 11th, slowing down traffic trying to get out of downtown. There I was, walking WITH the walk sign, dodging cars in the cross walk, keeping an eye over my shoulder for people turning right, and sure enough. The two normal turn lanes are blocked because an idiot scooted across the intersection on a red. A guy from one of the left lanes decides to be opportunistic, and make that right turn he hadn't been able to get over for. I'd just managed to get around the guy blocking the intersection, when the guy turning right barreled into the far left hand lane (it's a 4 lane one way onto a 4 lane one way), which just happened to be the lane I was about to walk into. I gave hime a glare and shook my finger at him. He at least had the grace to look startled, and gave me a placatory wave. If he'd had to stop I'd have had some words with him, but he had some room, and I didn't feel like chasing him down on the road portion of the underpass. That got my heart rate up a little. You can never, ever take your eyes off the traffic here.

Sushi for dinner, and some awesome chocolate cookies! Then a core workout, and this is where the gasket straining happened. Doing the plankaday thing, going for time. It was getting tough, so I opened my eyes to see how long, and it was 1:45. I gritted my teeth and decided to go for 2 minutes. That took the better part of forever, panting, trying to clench every muscle that might possibly contribute to the cause, and then collapsed on the 120 seconds. Yay me!

In other news a buddy of mine wants to sell some Zipp 808/1080 race wheels. Maybe 450 K on them. Contact me and I'll put you onto my buddy. Here's a pic of her bike cuddling mine.

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