Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Glad sad run

It's so nice here! Even at 5pm it was warm, though it was beginning to cloud over. I'm a sucker for running when it's nice, so I hustled to be outside.

The glad part was running when it's so nice. Lots of people out walking around.

The sad part was my right heel. Major crankiness! Right from the start I was limping on that leg. My left knee is a bit sore, but not as bad as it was. Lots of improvement there. There was about 100 m that was good, after warmup, and before tired kicked in. I cut the run short as my heel and achilles was starting to hurt. Stretched and rolled after, then iced. Still hurts. I think I'm going to have to go back to MacDonald for some ART and Graston, but I'm afraid he's going to want to work on my back. I can't take that.

Plank a day, 75 seconds. My thinking is go for time every other day. The off days go for variations, side, and lifting legs.

Discovered Trello, thanks to my coworker WA. It's really slick project management tools for essentially all platforms. I've just started playing with it, using it to plan the yard work this year. Yes, it needs planning. Lots to do. Oh boy. I just hope my elderly neighbour doesn't keel over from the excitement. His lawn is immaculate. He's already raked and thatched it, and has mowed it twice. Twice. There are entire summers where I've mowed the lawn twice. I'm sure he looks at our lawn and flower boxes, and feels deep despair. I will post before, after, and maybe during photos. Especially if there is blood involved, can't miss that, and the odds are good. There are all sorts of metal shards on the lawn from the roofing project over the winter.

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  1. I'm sorry your legs and feet are being so cranky, that sux.

    On another note, I'm finally ready to hire that coach to analyze my running and offer some feedback. I intend to meet with him probably in a month or 6 wks...after I break into new running shoes...after the running shoes I ordered today come in.... Do you still recommend the same coach you recommended the first time?


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