Sunday, April 21, 2013

no photos of the secret guests

I loved this morning. The early sunlight was such that I was scuttling outside to get some photos. Very interesting light, even if things didn't quite work out the way I liked. Here's a couple for your enjoyment.

This was first thing. I saw the orangey red glow, and got all excited for the possibility of a brilliant sunrise. However it quickly faded to gray. Later on there were some pretty dramatic clouds, but I was busy.

 Just as I was going in I thought the sun behind the evergreen might look pretty nice. I was hoping for a bit more colour.

Every now and then when the light is right, the houses on the opposite side of the green space can look remarkable. This isn't the best example, but it's pretty good. Once I caught the light coming almost perfectly horizontal, so the grass was dark, but the houses were brilliantly light. That was amazing.

After being outside for the photos I settled in with a coffee and tried to write. Some days it's difficult, and writer's block is the least of the problems. There's an iPad under there, somewhere.

Here's a more flattering shot of him.

Amelia, our last cat, was terrified of the vacuum cleaner. As soon as it got into the same room as her, she would panic and bolt for an exit. Curtis and Celina are kind of blase about it. In preparation for our secret guests I ran the vacuum around, chasing dust bunnies. Curtis let me vacuum to within an inch of his paws on the cat condo. I put the vacuum down for a minute while moving things around, and Celina was right there checking it out.

We had a wonderful time with our secret guests. BBQ bison burgers, and lamb burgers, with a Yum Bakery chocolate dessert. Lots of chat, a good time had by all. Sorry, no hints, or they'd have to kill me.

Clean up took no time at all, and we settled into a quiet evening. This wine is about 6 months in the bottle and coming along nicely.

As always, the weekend disappeared in a rush. I'm not sure why the days are going by so quickly. It used to be the work week took forever, and the weekend went quick. Now it seems like I look up and it's time to go home from work, and the week is over before I know it.

Lots of blog buddies are at various training camps, and race results are starting to come in. I was discussing racing this summer with our secret guests, and I'm still not feeling the love. I think it's my cranky legs, and once they feel better, I'll feel more like racing. I hope so.

In the meantime, at least the swim is going well. Maybe there is a proto relay team looking for a semi-respectable swimmer?

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