Friday, April 26, 2013

A Frenzy

No swim this morning. A Friday swim is a sometimes thing, depending on complicated scheduling.

I zoomed over to the Food Truck Frenzy in the East Village in a Car2Go. This is a neat car loan operation. Here's two parking images, before I left, and after I got there. I was wondering if a whole herd of Car2Go would migrate over from the vast herd in the downtown core. I've seen some time lapse movies like this, and it's kind of interesting. It's very popular here. By driving over I won an hour of drive time!

I got there just as they were getting started. It was a bit cloudy, and there was a huge parade downtown, so that might have accounted for the slow start. That huge parade made for brutal traffic, I'll tell you.

Here's some photos. After looking over the various menus I settled on this. The Perogy Boyz were a very close second. I might have fallen for the Steak Out Truck had it been there.

I got cheesy waffle with southern fried chicken, great cole slaw, and good fries. The chicken was moist, and tender, with a crunchy coating. Linda got something from the Naaco truck. I had a taste of it, and really must get something from them this year.

Of course we had dessert, from The Purple Pastry Chef. Normally we go with Fiasco Gelato. I ended up with lots of chocolate in the Mo.

Things were still manageable when I took this, but I wouldn't be surprised to learn this area was full of people by noon. Lots of people here love the food trucks. I just found out there are 40 of them, listed here, with links to almost all of them. Gee, I wonder what it would take to try to order from all of them over the course of a summer? Hmmmm.

There's a new pedestrian bridge going in just behind where I took this shot. You can see the trucks, with the downtown core in the background. Just off to the left is that rarest of sights in the East Village, the yellow Crane Bird. Condo construction has started. 

This is from a few days ago, just another sunrise from our house.

 My legs are feeling so much less cranky I was on the bike for about a half hour, doing an easy warm up, trying to spin evenly. There were a few interesting twitches and prickles in various parts of my legs, but I stopped when I got a little pinprick of almost pain in my knee. Then did some stretching and core. So far so good with the leg treatments. I think I'll still give it a few days before I try running, and will start that very easy.

Should be a busy weekend. BBQ cleaning is on the agenda, using some really cool e-cloth. I'll document for you. Some yard work. Dinner with friends. Sunday I'll go up the street and cheer the Police Half Marathon. I know a couple people in it, so that should be fun. Then I don't know, more yard work, I guess, if I'm up to it. Maybe BBQ something on what should be a clean BBQ.

Winter is giving us a break this weekend! Yay us!


  1. Funny- a few coworkers and I were going to check out the food trucks today but I ended up meeting J for lunch instead. We ate at the Devonian Gardens which was pretty nice.

    There was a parade today? I obviously don't get out much!

    1. 40 trucks? I'd have a hard time deciding! I think I'd still go with the perogies my first time out. The waffle and chicken is a huge trend right now - the sweet and savory would be good - and those fries look yummy, Keith :) Thanks for sharing the pics and links :)

      My friend Brenda is running in the Police Half - hoping the weather is good on Sunday for her and the other runners!

      Enjoy the weekend - and the BBQ!!!

    2. What's her number? I've had the friends of friends cheer me on in a race, and it's amazingly heartwarming, when your name isn't on your bib. Weather forecast is looking good!

  2. I certainly didn't know there was going to be a parade either, or I wouldn't have taken the car. I'm pretty sure I could have walked back to the office faster. Do you follow Neil Zeller? He has a bunch of photos up on Flikr. I like his work, and some of the costumes were amazing!


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