Monday, April 15, 2013

No mood to write much

First Boston was a big city. Then a cool band. Then just a city again, for a long time. Then I started to hear about BQ and this marathon. I'd known there was a thing called the Boston marathon, and I even knew how far it was. Not that I could ever run that far, until the day I ran and walked that far. I looked up the BQ for my age, and am dubious I could ever do so. Now it's a tragedy and a crime scene.

I hadn't paid much attention to it this year, since I hadn't heard anyone I know saying there were doing it. Then this afternoon I was frantically racking my brain. Hoping that nobody I knew, or the friend of a friend had been injured. Already knowing that some of the people in a community that I'm part of have been killed or injured.

My real hope out of this is that the USA doesn't go invade someone to take out their collective anger, however justified it might be. In a bigger sense, and not to detract from the horror of Boston, it's a very slow weekend in America if cars or guns don't exact a bigger toll.

Watching the snow fall, and shoveling it was the sum total of my activity yesterday. Today was better, with a strong 40 minute swim, a few minutes of water running. Then dance this evening, which is just killing my knees. Stretch and core after, including plank stability stuff.


  1. I agree. I hope this doesn't become an excuse for anger...of any kind. It was definitely a difficult day to write. I managed an ode to Martin Richard, the young boy who lost his life.

    1. Very well done. I'm not sure what I'll say beyond this.


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