Monday, April 29, 2013

The snazzy flip flops

There was actually discussion at the pool as I was finishing up and getting out. Several people commented on my flip flops.

The one lifeguard had seen them several times, and was dying to know where I got them. Tri It. The website indicates they are in stock. I've been using them a few weeks now and they are settling onto my   feet. I'm not much of a sandals or flip flop wearer so I'm still getting used to them.

Before all that chat, I had a solid 40 minute swim. My fitness is coming back so even in the 50 m pool I'm not slowing down so much. I'm easily 30 seconds faster over 500 m than I was even a couple weeks ago. Water ran after, even though there was no Katie.

My legs are much less cranky. My mobility is better, and my left knee is much happier. Even dance class tonight, Swing, Quick Step, and Waltz didn't bother them much, and that's a killer combo for knees.

That photo app I tried is lots of fun. It's called Fotopedia.  It's sort of a cross between a blog and photo journalism, and it's tied into wikipedia somehow. There are some stunning photos. You can see my experiment with putting up some photos I had of The Bow and a few other buildings downtown.  I got part way through before realizing that it's much better to pick out the photos I want on the iPad, tweak them in Snapseed, save them to the local camera roll, then select them from there in Fotopedia.

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