Friday, April 5, 2013

But I don't have to work out twice, anymore

Into the pool really early this morning. Up at 4:30 since I was awake anyways after not sleeping well. About 5:20 I was in the water. You notice I didn't mention coffee there? That's because I didn't. Maybe that's why it was a pretty unfeeling swim. No water feel. No feeling fast. No feeling smooth. Even the water run after was clunky.

So now it's about 7pm, and I'm dragging my tail. It turned out Linda could pick me up from work so I was home earlier than usual. I could have worked out. But I didn't. I'm not training for a race, and I'm tired. I don't want to get on my bike. I don't want to go stretch. I don't want to thrash through a workout. I don't, and I won't. I'm going to have a glass of wine, and go enjoy a DVD. Not sure which yet, but I will.

This weekend will be about planning the front yard stuff. It needs work. Maybe I'll post the before pictures tomorrow or Sunday. All of you will feel better about your yards. Guaranteed.


  1. I ran today, and I dragged as well. It's a sleepy kind of day...Kris and Evie have already crashed, and I'm the lone fighter and losing....

  2. I ran and later on I walked - the run wasn't that great! Hope you enjoyed that glass of wine - we had two last night (a lovely white that was aging in the carboy for 6 months as was bottled on Monday). Looking forward to the pics of the yard!

    1. The wine was nice, a South African Cab Sav Merlot that is from Sept 2010. Watched A Scandal in Belgravia with the comments on. I think that's the best of the Sherlock episodes.

  3. It's a smart man who listens to his body and responds accordingly!


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