Monday, April 22, 2013

The hint of spring

I thought it was going to be nice today, and only figured out walking into the pool that it was pretty darn cold out for April! It just about convinced me I should have stayed in bed. I sure wanted to. The rest of the day turned out pretty nice, but I've no doubt there is still some snow coming.

Decent 30 minute swim in a crowded lane. By the clock I was making my times, but it felt slow, then fell apart at the end.

Dance this evening was a bit chaotic. At the best of times it's hard to hear the instructor, what with the echoes and everybody else still talking, and tonight was brutal. Essentially I didn't hear anything clearly all evening. Not a big fan of Pase Doble (spelling?). Lots of taps where you put your weight back on the tapping foot, which is weird. Dancing is sure hard on my knees these days.

Stretched and rollered after dance, including some stability plank. It's probably good for me, but my knees didn't like it.

Supposedly the RCMP busted a terrorist plot to blow up a VIA rail train. The reputation of the RCMP is such that if they pointed to the sun near the horizon, and said it was dawn, I'd get out a compass. I wouldn't be the least surprised to find it's a an entrapment plot.

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