Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pain in a getting better sort of way

The rolling and pummeling has gone into high gear. I actually took some asprin last night before bed. The water running Monday, and more today. Some interesting clicks in my hips and knees.

All this has my legs feeling a bit better, in a fragile, painful sort of way. They are waking up a bit. I'll go a few steps without my heel hurting, then doing everything exactly the same, it gives me a sharp twinge. Stairs are a bit of a challenge.

Swam today, about 30 minutes again, which is when my stroke fell apart. I was doing an easy back stroke to the other end to meet up with Katie. Then, just like a coach, she shouted, 50 m all out! Bottom of the clock. GO! 44 seconds. Then water ran and chatted for a long wonderful time. Probably an hour or so.

Out exploring at lunchtime and found a new +15. If you start in the new 8th Ave Place, the one that looks like a Goa'uld with taste decorated it, and head east, you can get into the building next to that blue parkade, and then into the RBC building, and then Banker's Hall.

Plankaday, front on hands (alternating legs up, and out to the side) side plank (leg up), front on elbows, other side, but no leg up. That's the fragile side.

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