Monday, April 8, 2013

That was good, while it lasted

My legs have been feeling better. The swim was good this morning, considering I felt tired and slow. The water feel is coming back. I can feel myself tightening up and my stroke going to crap, so I've been working on staying relaxed and breathing deeply. My legs won't let me do as much dolphin drill. Lots of pull today, with the new hand paddles. Water ran after with Katie. She is yet another person that loves Night Circus. If you're a reader, and haven't read it, go get it. Now. You can thank me later.

Doing the regular walking after the swim and during the day was great! I felt almost back to normal, almost like thinking about considering going for a run.

However, dance class is tougher on me than just walking. Waltz and swing, two tough dances for knees. There were lots of complaints by the end of the night. I went straight downstairs after for some stretching and lots of rolling. And plankaday! Front, left side, then with leg up, front, right side, tried the leg up and collapsed. Boo.

Our book club is taking a metaphysical bent this month, reading Proof of Heaven, and Beyond Belief, in addition to the one I reviewed yesterday.

There were lots of people choked about the snow here last night. Weenies. It's April, after all, and it has snowed in Calgary every month of the year. Suck it up. Spring doesn't really come until late May, at best.

I missed telling a cat story that happened on the weekend. You might remember that both of our cats are very interested in coffee, to the extent we have to guard our cups. Linda unfortunately relaxed after she fended off a sniffing Celina. Her nose went the other way and it looked like she was going to settle in. Then the tail dived into the coffee cup like it had radar. Then out, and Celina sat there licking it off her tail with a smug expression.

Zero spam since I set my commenting preferences like this. I mean zero! I have no idea if there are hordes of real commenters dying of frustration they can't comment, but I doubt it. I've got the moderation set to a fairly small number of days.


  1. Snow forecast here for Friday - I'll try not to be a weenie, Keith! I remember a snowstorm in Calgary in May - and, of course, being a northern Saskatchewanite, snow shouldn't be a big deal (but, dang it, I live in NS now!!)!

    I love that you and Linda are dancing - and I love reading about it :)

  2. The snow still sucks regardless of the month. I'm just done with it but know better to expect it to be over with for at least another month. I'm just happy the sun is out.

    Milo refuses to drink out of his water bowl these days. Doesn't matter how fresh the water is, how clean the bowl is, he just wants to drink out of our water glasses or the sink. It's driving me crazy! I've started drinking out of my water bottle at home since glasses can't be left unattended. Neither can ice cream or yogurt bowls. Some days this cat is higher maintenance than our toddler!

  3. My commenting is set like that too and NO SPAMMERS! I had one person mention that they were a bit frustrated that they had to use their google display name but really everyone has a google account...and the power to change a display name.

  4. I've been having trouble with spammers and was debating putting up the hated word verification. Maybe I'll follow your lead instead. Almost all the spam comes from anonymous users. I do have an occasional real anonymous comment, but not many, so it would probably be less annoying then making everybody type those stupid capcha words.

    Meh, I reserve the right to complain about anything I want, including snow in April. ;) In reality though, I can accept it. It hasn't been brutally cold to go along with it, so I can suck it up.


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