Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Headlights and sunglasses

It's that time of year again. Driving to work as the sun is just above the horizon. This morning I wanted to stop and take some photos because it was absolutely spectacular. Just no place to stop and get a good view.

In Calgary the streets run north south, and the avenues run east west. When I say that, I mean almost exactly. Then there are on and off ramps, corners, and curves so that at some times of the year sunglasses are a must, even at dawn. In the shadows it's still dark enough that people have their headlights on.

So this morning I'm driving north on 14th street. There's a sound wall to my right. Everybody has their lights on. Most aren't wearing sunglasses, it's a bit dark for that. Yet at the corner for Southland I saw the guy in front of me put them on before he signaled. I had mine on turning onto Glenmore, and good thing too. The sun is right there. There are times even sunglasses aren't enough, and people shade their eyes or pull down the visor.

There have been accidents on the Deerfoot bridge attributed to the glare of sunlight. Going north, the road swoops around to the right heading uphill over the river, then left and back downhill again. There are several opportunities to get dazzled, and it's a bad spot for putting on your brakes at the best of times. There is lots of traffic and most of it wants to go too fast. What makes it worse is that the dazzle happens at different times of the day, and different times of the year, compared to the avenues, because of how it is oriented.

There are times when Anderson road lines up exactly with the setting sun. It's really hard to see the traffic lights, and everybody has their headlights on. I try to avoid that particular time, but I'm not willing to give up yoga class. I can't wait for someone to invent an adaptive filter technology that knows where the light is coming from, and where the driver's eyes are, and selectively dims a small portion of the windshield. They would make a killing in Calgary.

I haven't mentioned my legs lately. Still cranky, some days better, some days less so. Assessment on Thursday. I was down stretching today, and got some interesting clunks out of my hips. As I try to roll forward on my right hip, it's like there is a huge lump of something in my butt that is preventing me from rolling, and then if I get past it, there is a huge clunk, and something inside my hip settles. I hope I haven't deformed the bone joint or socket. Other days it feels like there is a tight band around my thigh, just above my knee.

Added in some stability plank and pushups. Lots of twists and bicycle. Trying to relax in forward stretch and downward dog. Trying not to squash a cat as I thrash around.

It snowed today, just a little bit. I thought you'd want to know, so you feel better about your weather. Except for where it's worse, and you're gnashing your teeth at "just a little bit."

Even with cranky legs that feel just a bit unsteady sometimes, I'm still walking faster than most of the people on the sidewalks. There was this cute couple that took up most of the sidewalk as they lovey-dovied along, wobbling back and forth in time with my trying to pass them. Eventually I brushed past the one on the left, and walked on the road to get around them. Then there was the herd around the Tower today. Milling in a particularly bovine way out of the building and being undecided about crossing the street. I waded through, trying not to step on anyone.

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  1. When I was living in Calgary - up near the University - I had to drive Crowchild Trail almost every day around 4:30 to get to work at Chinook Mall. There were some days when the sun would be right there as you took the curve and everyone was blinded. I hated it - rush hour and blinding sun, not a good mix for a small town Saskatchewan girl!!

    Yikes - hope the hip(s) aren't damaged, Keith!


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