Tuesday, November 16, 2010

You can't see my halo of glowing virtue

It snowed a bit last night, about 4 inches or so at our house. The roads weren't bad at all, except for one stretch of Glenmore trail that was pretty slushy. Even less snow fell by my pool, maybe an inch or so. Shoveled the driveway, and in a burst of optimism did the walk to the front door for the mailman.

Swam 45 minutes. Good warmup especially working on my shoulders. Drill. Really must find a band I can use to tie my feet together. Fist. One arm. FTD. A little bit of kick. Did some easy stroke focusing on reach and catch, and it felt really good. Decided to try to swim some 100's really strong while maintaining form, just to see where the time was. I specifically wasn't trying to swim fast, just putting some muscle into good form. And whaddya know! 93, 93, and 95 seconds. Of course I'm getting back to the wall with my face pretty red, and I sure wouldn't have wanted to do another 50, or even 25m. I did these on a 3 minute interval. I also mentally reviewed my flip turn and decided I'd been getting sloppy. Today I was clenching those abs, tucking in,  and powering my legs around to the wall. Good cool down and stretch.

For the first time ever, I was the first one in the door at the blood donor clinic. Even for an early appointment the geezers are normally lined up ready go. From the time the process started, till the time I walked out the door was 30 minutes. I think that's a record. It only takes 6 minutes for the actual blood donation. (yeah, us triathletes time everything, I was thinking about ELF and her perfect blood, and her competitive spirit driving her to try to squirt it out quicker and beat me to the coffee.) That overall time includes the one volunteer worker who bullied me into eating more cookies than planned. I'm such a wimp when it comes to cookies.

Shoveled the driveway and sidewalk when I got home. 45 minutes. I'm TOTALLY counting this as core. The snow started as rain, then snow, and then the temperature dropped below freezing. So there's a layer of icy slush at the bottom. As soon as you shovel it the water freezes, so you have a nice slick layer to anchor yourself on. My driveway has a slope. Meanwhile the snow sticks to your shovel. Tell me that isn't core. Go ahead, make my day. I was out again in the evening and shoveled another inch but at least it's all dry now. Did my neighbour's sidewalk too. It's still snowing.

Downstairs for leg exercises and some stretching. Plus, two rounds of plank. Two. That's when I came up with my blog title.


  1. I did 45 minutes of core today too!! and I should probably do another 30 minutes tonight, but...

  2. Did you swim in the pool that has 4" of snow by it? Damn, you Canadians are hard core!

  3. I agree, Canadians are more energetic and focused on fitness and their health.

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