Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Icing the owie

Monday swim was the first good long hard swim in a while. 45 minutes in the water, and another 15 core in the dive tank. Lots of different stuff, good warmup, some drill while sharing the lane, some 100m on 2 min, and cool down. All good.

Tues was a bit of a disappointment. Did some knee exercises, then on my bike for warmup, 15 minutes each. Then out for a run. It was a beautiful day, sunny and a nice temp of about zero C. The first half hour was great, then my left calf kind of cramped up in a big dull knot. Tried stretching it out and walked. I'd hoped to run for more than an hour. Oh well. Iced it when I got home. It's still sore now, just before going to bed.


  1. oh no!! I hope your calf is OK and feels better today. I can't believe how great the weather has been here lately!! Hopefully we won't be paying for this later.

    YAY for a great swim workout though!

  2. You need to get Amelia to knead out that calf knot. :)

    Has your inner shark poked his head out yet? :) :)


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