Wednesday, November 17, 2010

23 cm, this time

Or 9 inches of snow since late Monday night, or about 40 hours. See for yourself. The first one was taken last night.

This one was taken late afternoon today from what I think was the same spot.
 This one was taken at the same time. I just picked a random spot on the lawn, one where I hadn't shoveled anything, and where there was no particular drifting.

Not sure how I got that light. I did nothing, just straight from the iphone, into iphoto, and into the blog.

Swam this morning, 1 hr in total. Swam 30 minutes as warmup then steady. After that I did some drill, some kick, and what started as form review but turned into a bit of a race with the girl in the next lane. I'd not seen her before and had to work to keep up with her. A couple of floaties jumped into her lane so she moved over into mine as I finished up, and we ended up chatting a bit. Turns out we both did IMC and know a bunch of the same people. Nice to meet you!

More shoveling, before swimming, after swimming, and then again later in the afternoon. Maybe again after yoga. After all, it's still snowing. Not again after yoga. Only another inch.


  1. snow! Wow, well we have bad weather but with rain.

    And yes, job hunting sucks. But I got 3 apps out today so I'm fine for today.

    Had to think of your desk pic when I saw my desk this morning ;-)


  2. I went for a 9k run in this today!! You have no idea how frickin' proud of myself I am right now!!!

    swimming tho....haven't been near a pool in weeks, except for swim class. It's going to suck when I do get back in :(

  3. Oh my goodness, we got equally crappy weather but in the form of rain and wind and miserableness! That is an intense amount of snow.

  4. Unrelated: I told bc (blondecop) to start a blog logging her workouts as she trains for Ironman Canada in August. When she does, I'll be sure to let her know. But keep an eye for it.

    I'll email you with details about my hiatus. Thanks for checking in... ;)

  5. How has G not commented on this yet?!

    I can't keep up all the crassness by myself in the comments. Jeez!

    Nice inches. Respectable length. Uh, I mean depth.


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