Friday, November 5, 2010

Strong but not fast, how's that for weird?

Well, some core stuff too, along with knee exercises. Although it wasn't as nice as yesterday (clear, sunny, 22C) it was still really nice today. Nice enough to run in shorts and short sleeved tech shirt. On Nov 5. Gotta like that.

Ran 8.2 K on my around the neighbourhood route, in 54:22. Right knee behaved itself, but my left leg was full of complaints. Once I got into the groove I churned along feeling pretty good. I was breathing a bit harder than I expected, but my legs were feeling pretty good. They really came through on the last half of the run, which is all uphill and trail running. I managed to maintain speed and keep a good stride going, but my legs didn't want to go any faster at all. That's ok. I was out for a nice run, longer than a half hour, no longer than an hour. Right at the very end my hip flexors were getting tired. Walked to warm up and cool down. Stretched after.

Not sure what I'll do tomorrow.


  1. Hey now! There's nothing wrong with strong but not fast!!!

    Sounds like a good run anyway.


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